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£175.00 for the 7 week course


This comprehensive Puppy course will lay the foundations and guide you through your puppies crucial learning and development stages. It will teach your puppy life skills and how to make choices that will help to form a wonderful bond and relationship with you, whilst also teaching them how to cope in the real world in the right way. You will learn how puppies learn by association, positive socialisation, all about canine enrichment, canine body language, the puppy development stages and more. We will cover all aspects of puppy behaviour as well as basic training, such as foundations for walking nicely on a lead and for recall and coming back when called. You will learn how to help and support your puppy, manage surprises, how to respond and love their name, how to interact calmly with people and other dogs, the importance of settle, the importance of toy play, polite greetings and keeping four paws on the floor, being able to engage and respond to you around distractions, hand targeting, building confidence, impulse control, leave, focus and helping you to develop a fantastic relationship and bond with your puppy through play, fun and games. 


This 7 week course is for puppies from around 12 weeks of age up to 7 months of age. Classes are kept small at 6 puppies per class to offer individual support. You will also receive helpful puppy guides sent to you by email before your course.  



£150.00 for the 6 weeks course

This course is for those who have completed our puppy course and want to continue progressing with their puppies in obedience. Part of this course will take place up in our enclosed woodlands area to get your puppy working in a more distracting and natural environment! 




Each Life skills course is carefully tailored to guide and support you and your dog through the challenges you may face at these crucial stages in their learning and development, from puppy right through to a confident adult. 

Life skills Teenager

£92.00 for the 4 week course


This course has been designed for those dogs who having completed puppy training are struggling with making the correct choices during their difficult adolescence stage. We will cover all aspects of adolescence behaviour and the challenges they may present. This course is designed for dogs aged 6 to 18 months of age.


Life Skills Beginners

£150.00 for the 6 week course 


This course is an entry point for dogs who are over 6 months old and new to Happy Dogs. We cover all the basics and is the foundation to move onto more advanced training courses should you wish to do so.


Life Skills Intermediate

£150.00 for the 6 week course


Our Life Skills Intermediate course is a follow on course from the Life Skills Teenager and Life Skills Beginners courses. Taking the next step with more advanced techniques such as boundary games, food manners, orientation/proximity skills, free walking plus a refresh on the basics.


Life Skills Advanced

£100.00 for the 4 week course


Our Life Skills Advanced course is for dogs that are working at a high level of obedience, focus, impulse control and ready to take their training to the next level. Your dogs will have needed to complete our intermediate course, or loose lead walking and recall intermediate, or drop us an email and we will see if your dog is ready for this course!


Life Skills Expert

£100.00 for the 4 week course


£92.00 for the 4 week course


This course is perfect if you have just finished a puppy or a beginners course and want to continue obedience working around higher level distractions. You will be training in our enclosed woodlands to help increase focus and engagement in a more realistic environment! 





£92.00 for the 4 week course


This highly requested course aims to teach your dog two of the most important lessons you can give them, to make walking your dog an absolute joy!

Come and teach them how to focus on you and walk beside you in a happy and positive way building a great relationship between you both.

This course is aimed at giving you a reliable recall even when the going gets tough! 

Starting at the beginning we will shape your recall word to be the ultimate rewarding experience for your dog, we will then start to add in the distractions, diversions in real life situations.


£92.00 for the 4 week course

This course is for dogs that have completed the beginners loose lead walking and recall course.

 The aims of this course is to further your dogs learning in these areas, to get them recalling away from distractions, free walking and continuing the emergency stop to take your training to the next level.



£150 for the 6 week course

This is course is designed as the entry level for those wishing to complete their assessment with the Kennel Club. We will cover all the exercises included in the Bronze award such as; cleanliness and identification, collar, lead & equipment, walk on lead, control at door/gate, controlled walk amongst people and dogs, stay on lead for 1 minute, grooming, examination of dog, return to handler, gradually progressing the exercises throughout your course. At the end of the course, we will arrange for an external examiner from the Kennel Club to come and assess you. 




£175.00 for the 7 week course


This course has been designed to develop your dogs steadying and impulse control. We will be covering the basic exercises of gun dog training; retrieve, whistle commands, heel work, directional cues, hold & drop. Suitable for all breeds. 





£92.00 for the 4 week course


Hoopers is a relatively new sport that has started to spread from America, into Europe and now to the UK shores here in Enfield. It takes a lot of basics from Agility but removes the need for jumps or contact equipment and replaces them with a smooth course of hoops, tunnels and barrels for the dog to run through so there is minimum impact on your dog’s limbs. This makes it ideal for any type of dog to take part in, from puppies through to older dogs and dogs returning from injury. It focuses on learning distance control and directional commands, hoops, tunnels and send arounds.


£80 for the 4 week course

This course is available for those who have completed our beginners course and want to continue to progress. Each week is a different course and there is a maximum of 6 dogs per class. 





£138.00 for the 6 week course


Teaching your dog confidence on the various pieces of equipment in a fun and positive way. Brilliant for high energy dogs.

Through the weeks your dog will be introduced to jumps, tunnels and contact equipment to build up to sequence of equipment working at your dog's pace and ability.


£92.00 for the 4 weeks course


If your dog has done our agility beginners course but is not quite ready to join agility course practise sessions, then this course is for you. This is to further your dog's confidence over the apparatus and to improve handler skills with navigating the course!



£80.00 for the 4 week course


This course is available for those who have completed our beginners/intermediate course and want to continue to progress. Each week is a different course and there is a maximum of 6 dogs per class. 



£92.00 for the 4 week course


This course gives you a 'taster' of the other fun sports courses we run such as Hoopers, Parkour, Agility and Scent work with tracking.



£75.00 for the 3 week course

Scent is great fun for all dogs, teach your dog how to use their nose in a positive way through various seen and unseen search levels. During the course you will have an introduction to scent objects and learn how to teach your dog’s how to do a basic find.

Our Classes




Our classes run on Saturdays and Sundays, weather permitting. All of our classes are held outside throughout the year so please make sure you and your dog come dressed appropriately.



We run a mixture of classes and courses, which need to be booked in advance, for more information and to get our weekly newsletter please send us an email at:



Fantastic puppy classes, I cannot recommended highly enough. So informative, well planned and enjoyable. We will be signing up to more classes as soon as we can. Thank you Emma and team!

Anna, via Google Reviews


Very caring, friendly, patient & knowledgeable staff. Answered all our questions, gave some good ideas to help with individual queries & situations. Lovely people. We'd recommend them & so would our puppy!

Martin, via Google Reviews