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Our Workshops


These workshops are an ideal way to increase and improve your dog’s learning through lots of play, fun and games and having a great time, whilst building a fantastic bond with your dog.

Loose Lead Walking Workshop

2 hour workshop - £55


If your dog is pulling on the lead and it is taking the joy out of going for a walk with your dog, then this is the workshop for you! In this workshop we will delve into the reasons behind why your dog is pulling and give you strategies to help in each of those scenarios!

 Recall Beginners Workshop 

2 hour workshop - £55


Recall is a vital skill for our dogs to learn! In this workshop we will teach you lots of different ways to teach your dogs how to recall and what is going to work for your dog!

Recall Intermediate Workshop

2 hour workshop - £55


This workshop is for dogs that have completed the beginners recall workshop.

 The aims of this workshop is to further your dogs learning in these areas, to get them recalling away from distractions to take your training to the next level.

Scent & Track Workshop

2 hour workshop - £55


Scent work is one of the easiest ways to tire your dogs out mentally! If your dog spends their walks with their nose to the ground, then this is a great way to channel their natural behaviour. Scent work can be done by all dogs of all ages!


2 hour workshop - £55


Hoopers is an amazing sport! The dogs will be going through hoops, tunnels and around barrels in a course. It is similar to running an agility course, but is a low level impact sport, so suitable for all ages and levels – Puppies to older dogs!

Rainbow Runs

1 hour workshop - £30


This is a super fun workshop! It consists of 6 small jumps in a row, with the aim of getting our dogs to run down the line of jumps and back again, all whilst the owner stays stationary and the start!


1 hour workshop - £30

Dog parkour is a great new dog sport to get your dog doing loads of exercises whilst you're out and about on your walks! In this 1 hour workshop your dogs will be learning how to jump over, going through tunnels, crawl underneath, 2 paws on, 4 paws on, send arounds, walking along planks etc.

Obstacle Course

1 hour workshop - £30

This is a one off, hour long, workshop to just have fun with your dog! A doggy obstacle course will be set up using lots of different equipment. We will introduce all of the equipment to the dogs as a group (on lead) and then one by one everyone will take turns at completing the whole course!

Our Workshops




Our classes run on Saturdays and Sundays, weather permitting. All of our classes are held outside throughout the year so please make sure you and your dog come dressed appropriately.


We run a mixture of courses and workshops, which need to be booked in advance. 

To book onto any of our courses or workshops, please call us on

  07983 382449 

  020 8364 1242

or via email at 




Fantastic puppy classes, I cannot recommended highly enough. So informative, well planned and enjoyable. We will be signing up to more classes as soon as we can. Thank you Emma and team!


Very caring, friendly, patient & knowledgeable staff. Answered all our questions, gave some good ideas to help with individual queries & situations. Lovely people. We'd recommend them & so would our puppy!

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