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Life Skills Beginners

Image by Ralu Gal

£150 for the 6 week course


Our Life Skills Beginners course will help you to build a wonderful bond and relationship with your dog through, play, fun and games. You will learn how dogs learn by association, positive socialisation and how to get it right, all about canine enrichment, canine body language and more.


You will learn how to help and guide your dog to be able to engage and respond to you around distractions, how to respond and love their name, walking nicely on lead, recall, how to interact calmly with people and other dogs, the importance of settle, the importance of toy play, hand targeting, focus, polite greetings and keeping four paws on the floor, building confidence, stay, impulse control, gate manners, leave and food manners.

This 6 week course is an entry point for dogs who are over 6 months old and new to Happy Dogs.

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