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Life Skills Puppy

Image by PartTime Portraits

£175 for the 7 week course


This comprehensive Puppy course will lay the foundations and guide you through your puppies crucial learning and development stages. It will teach your puppy life skills and how to make choices that will help to form a wonderful bond and relationship with you, whilst also teaching them how to cope in the real world in the right way.


You will learn how puppies learn by association, positive socialisation, all about canine enrichment, canine body language, the puppy development stages and more. We will cover all aspects of puppy behaviour as well as basic training, such as foundations for walking nicely on a lead and for recall and coming back when called. You will learn how to help and support your puppy, manage surprises, how to respond and love their name, how to interact calmly with people and other dogs, the importance of settle, the importance of toy play, polite greetings and keeping four paws on the floor, being able to engage and respond to you around distractions, hand targeting, building confidence, impulse control, leave, focus and helping you to develop a fantastic relationship and bond with your puppy through play, fun and games. 

This 7 week course is for puppies from around 12 weeks of age up to 6 months of age. Classes are kept small at 6 puppies per class to offer individual support. You will also receive helpful puppy guides sent to you by email before your course.  

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