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Life Skills Teenager


£92 for the 4 week course


Our Life Skills Teenager course is a course for dogs over 6 months and under 2 years of age. We will cover all aspects of adolescence behaviour and the challenges they may present. 


It is at this time when some behaviour changes may begin, a dog that may be more likely to react to strangers or to other dogs. They may have an increased sensitivity to handling, grooming, harnesses and collars. Become more curious and independent, where once you had a wonderful puppy that was incredible at recall, now begins to wander further afield and at times a little deaf! They may have little focus, be more distracted and forget previously taught cues and behaviours. You may find they are suddenly nervous or scared of things that were fine just the week before. They may start to display or have an increase in resource guarding of items and food. There may also be an increase in separation anxiety, destructiveness and fear based aggression. 


If you’re currently at this stage and feeling like you’ve taken one step forward and two steps back, don’t worry. During this stage of life, there’s a lot going on in their busy little brains. Our adolescent course is all about creating focus and building a fantastic relationship through lots of play, fun and games which will help lay the foundations of a loving, lasting and healthy relationship between you and your dog.


You will learn how an increase in hormones levels causes changes in the dog’s brain which can make the dog react impulsively, we will work on focus, impulse control and self control, revisit recall, leave, dealing with frustration, settle, calmness, boundary training and station training around distractions, targeting, toy play to create a fantastic bond and make us far more interesting than the distractions in the real world.


This 4 week course is designed for dogs aged 6 to 18 months of age.

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