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Firework Season - Noise & Sound Therapy for Dogs

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Firework season is fast approaching, and whilst its best to start desensitising your dog 5 to 6 months before the season begins, its never too late to start.

The sudden, unpredictable nature of sounds such as fireworks, thunder or loud rain etc can be distressing for many dogs, they have incredibly sensitve hearing, which can make them become fearful and afraid of loud noises.

Fireworks can be such a frightening experience for many dogs, and sound therapy can help them cope a little better with firework night.

Noise & Sound Therapy tracks for Dogs

There are lots of great online resources and recordings. The Dogs Trust has created sound tracks that replicate everyday noises, which you can use at home to help build your dog’s confidence and acclimatise them to all different types of noises.

Follow the links below for all of the Dogs Trust Noise & Sound Therapy tracks;

General sounds

Baby and children

Thunder, rain and lightning

Whistles, bangs, pops, fireworks

YouTube is another great resource for firework desensitisation therapy.

How to use dog sound therapy tracks

Start the sounds very quietly, for short periods of time, only increasing in volume and duration when your dog is not showing any awareness of the sound.

If at any point your dog appears, nervous, anxious or frightened, immediately stop the exercise.

Later, try again and this time play the sound so that it is barely audible - what you are looking for is your dog to be nice and relaxed and appear to be unaffected when they hear the noise.

Gradually, over the coming days and weeks, slowly increase the volume and duration, making sure your dog is completely comfortable, relaxed and happy.


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