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Which areas of North London do we serve?

If you’ve been considering getting in touch with us in your search for a dog training school, you might be wondering which surrounding areas Happy Dogs Training serves.

Although Happy Dogs Training is easily accessible to most of the wider area, for those wondering in more detail, this short blog post looks at some of the North London areas we cover.

As a quick aside - you may also find our “top tips” on finding a dog training school in the local area quite helpful!

Enfield and Broxbourne

Happy Dogs Training School is in fact based on the borders of Enfield and Broxbourne, at the Elmtree Canine Country Club, in the picturesque Theobalds Park Estate. The site itself is set on 9 ½ acres of land and surrounded by beautiful farmland and woodland.

Training your dog or puppy is very important to them, as ideally they need to have their mind and body stimulated regularly. We offer a large and varied number of dog and puppy training classes in the area, with a timetable spread across weekends. Attending classes gives you and your dog the opportunity to learn new skills and meet new friends.

If you’re seeking a dog training school in Enfield, Broxbourne or the surrounding area, then we’re definitely a convenient choice! You can find us at Elmtree Canine Country Club, Goff's Oak, North London, EN2 9DY.

Dog Training in Winchmore Hill

Not far from our location, we’re just a stone's throw away from Winchmore Hill, around a 15 minute drive.

At Happy Dogs Training School, we use scientifically proven, kind positive reward based training, which ensures your dog learns in a kind and safe environment and has lots of fun and games at the same time.

If you’re looking for a dog training school near Winchmore Hill, please get in touch with our qualified team!

Dog Training in Palmers Green

Whether you’re based in or around Palmers Green, we’re also not far away (around a 20 minute drive).

We offer a wide range of classes, courses and workshops including Puppy classes, Pet Obedience, Life Skills, Agility, Pet Gun Dog, Kennel Club Good Citizen, Hoopers, Parkour, Loose Lead & Recall, Allsorts, Scent Work and Tracking and more.

If you have any queries relating to dog training in Palmers Green, we’d love to hear from you.

Dog Training in Barnet

Just southwest of our home in Enfield, we also serve the Borough of Barnet. We’re around a half an hour away by car.

Whether you’re thinking about getting a puppy, considering going down the route of rescue, or already own a dog that you’d like to do further training with, Happy Dogs Training are here to help.

Whether you’re searching for group based or one to one training for your pet, our dog training school near Barnet is here to help!

Dog Training in Potters Bar

We’re also pleased to serve the nearby town of Potters Bar, and being only a 10 minute drive away we’re incredibly close.

All of our trainers have a wealth of knowledge and qualifications, and continually update their knowledge through study and courses to ensure they have the most up to date ethical and scientific based information to be able to help you and your dog.

For those in the area, learn more here about dog training in Potters Bar.

North London

Although we’re very accessible to all of the surrounding local areas, we hope this brief post has been helpful to those in North London considering a dog training service, and gives you an idea of the classes our acclaimed school provides.

Wherever you’re visiting us from, you can click here for directions on Google Maps.

If you have any questions relating to dog training in Enfield or any of the surrounding boroughs we serve, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team!


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