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Five Benefits of Using a Dog Training School

You may think a dog training school is exclusively for new puppies or dogs with behavioural problems. Whilst dog training classes can address issues such as these, there are a myriad of other benefits. In this article we're going to take a closer look at five reasons you should consider attending a dog training course with your dog.

1. Have fun and develop a deeper bond with your best friend

Many owners love to see their dogs enjoying themselves and having fun, training classes are a great way to build an amazing bond and positive relationship with your dog whilst also having fun at the same time.

Using the principles of reward based training also makes learning, fun and rewarding at the same time.

2. Increase Sociability - Correct Socialisation

Correct socialisation, done right is so important, Learning how to correctly socialise your dog, in a safe and secure environment and to allow them to develop at their own pace. Learning how to give your dog the confidence, to feel safe, happy, calm and relaxed in lots of different social settings, environments and situations in the real world. To help them with being able to be relaxed and focused around lots of distractions. Socialisation is all about giving your dog the skills, confidence and tools to be able to cope with everything they may encounter in life.

Confidence building – A good training school will help to build confidence in your dog, allowing them if necessary to just watch and choose when to interact.

It's important to make sure the training school is run by qualified trainers who understand the needs of your dog and how important it is to do it right. Please click on the link above on correct socialisation as it may not be what you think!

3. Help to achieve your Training Goals - Giving you the skills to help with your training

This is undoubtedly the reason many will seek out a dog training school, such as poor recall or help with loose lead walking, jumping up, confidence building, impulse control, help with focus and working around distractions. A good dog training school will offer a large variety of dog training classes to suit different ages and levels of ability, from basic obedience, Life skills courses all the way up to more advanced techniques, specialised classes that focus on the more common problems encountered by owners and sports based classes such as gun dog training and scent work.

Taking your canine best friend to a dog training class is an excellent way to help you to achieve your training goals or to improve on any problems you may be struggling with. Working through exercises together is a great way to build mutual trust, love and an amazing bond. Not only will your dog's confidence improve, but your confidence as dog owner will improve as well. This type of positive training ensures your dog learns in a kind and safe environment and has lots of fun and games at the same time!

4. Educational & Learning New skills

Education for both owners and dogs. Dog Training classes can help with teaching important Life Skills for dogs, as well as exciting new skills and techniques both you and your dog may enjoy. A good training school will help owners to understand how a dog learns, their development stages, common problems and how best to reinforce, motivate, help and support their best friend. They will provide handouts, worksheets, useful information, solutions and be able to offer help and advice, covering a wide and varied range of subjects.

It's important the trainers are qualified and continually update their knowledge to ensure they have the most up to date ethical and scientific based information to be able to help you and your dog.

5. Physical and Mental Stimulation

Classes are a great way to provide both physical and mental stimulation for your dogs. Classes such as agility training are a great way to increase your dog's confidence, whilst practising distance handling and directional cues, using apparatus such as contact equipment, tunnels and jumps and is ideal for high energy dogs. Scent work is excellent for dogs that love to use their nose, Gun dog is another excellent activity for both mental and physical stimulation. Parkour is great for building confidence in your dog, and body awareness. The latest craze is Hoopers, an import from the USA which involves the use of hoops, tunnels and barrels using a smooth flowing course, to improve distance and directional cues whilst minimising limb impact, which is ideal for dogs of all ages.

That concludes our list of the five main benefits of attending dog training classes with your dog. Is there any others you can think of? Please get in touch and let us know!


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