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Top Tips for Finding a Dog Training School Near Me

When evaluating local dog training schools, there are a few important things to keep in mind. In this article we're going to give you our top five tips to help you find dog training classes which will benefit both you and your pet. A quick side note before we begin; if you're seeking a dog training school in North London, please consider our very own acclaimed Happy Dogs Training School.

Make Sure the Team are Fully Qualified and Accredited

The leader and staff running the course should all be properly qualified and accredited to ensure they are using the most up to date, reliable, and efficient methods to properly train your four legged friend. For example, the knowledgeable and experienced trainers at our Happy Dog Training School boast a number of qualifications including: PDTI, MGoDT, IMDT, BIPDT, CHUK accredited trainers, Absolute Pro Dog trainers, Advanced Canine Behaviour Diploma, Canine Behaviour Training Diploma, Level 2 NASDU, Animal Management Level 3 Extended Diploma and Dog Training Diploma. Continuous study and new course attendance is carried out to make sure all knowledge and training methods are completely up to date too!

Learn About Who They Are

It's a good idea to find out a bit more about who the team are before you embark on a course of dog training classes. At Happy Dogs Training School, all of our staff are passionate animal lovers and pet owners themselves. We believe that this passion is key in delivering excellent training whilst going that extra mile to ensure we meet you and your dog's specific needs.

Check out the Training Grounds

The location where the training is carried out is an important factor to consider when weighing up different dog training schools. Happy Dogs Training School classes are conducted on the beautifully scenic grounds of the Theobalds Park Estate which is located in between Enfield in North London and Broxbourne in Hertfordshire. The venue is the luxurious Elmtree Canine Country Club, a well established and acclaimed pet hotel and luxury dog kennel.

Make Sure Courses are Varied for all Ages and Abilities

A varied selection of courses aimed at different ages and abilities of dog is vital. All dogs have different needs and so a wide range of various classes will help ensure there is something for your pet, whether it's a new puppy, an older dog or a dog with some behavioural issues that need to be resolved. Some dogs may require one to one sessions; if this is the case it will be necessary to double check this can be accommodated by the school.

Contact Them with any Queries

Friendly, informative and helpful communication is key when seeking dog training classes. It's a good idea to get in contact with the dog training school for a brief initial consultation to confirm that they will be able to meet your requirements and deliver a dog training program suited to your pet's needs.


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