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What is the most effective type of dog training?

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

At Happy Dogs Training we offer a wide variety of dog training classes, workshops and one to one training sessions in North London, based in the wonderful grounds of Elmtree Canine Country Club.

When selecting a dog trainer or dog training school near you, it’s worth noting that there are a few different and well known approaches to dog training.

At Happy Dogs Training School, we pride ourselves on using scientifically proven, kind and positive reward based training.

What is positive reinforcement training?

Dogs learn by associations which enables us to pair positive rewards systems, to help with learning by reinforcing our dogs’ behaviours when teaching new skills and choice-based behaviours.

Positive reinforcement training focuses on rewarding your dog for a specific behaviour, which helps to build motivation and a desire to repeat those behaviours, whilst also creating a wonderful bond with you.

As an example, if you reward your dog for checking in with you and giving eye contact with a tasty treat, you've added something desirable to the dog, to increase the likelihood of that behaviour happening again. By using delicious treats, your dog will quickly learn the association between the behaviour and the amazing treats they received. Using a marker word such as "yes" or good" or a clicker also helps with quicker learning, giving clear communication to your dog at the precise moment they have done really good and that a reward is following. The reward (reinforcement) is what the dog perceives as valuable and the choices are endless.

This type of positive training ensures your dog learns in a kind and safe environment and has lots of fun and games at the same time!

Is positive reinforcement training more effective?

The majority of vets and other industry professionals agree that positive reinforcement training is the most effective approach to dog training.

By positively reinforcing your dog, you’re strengthening your dog’s association between the behaviour and good things happening.

In the longer term, this kind of training tends to be much more effective, and also has a positive effect on your dog's overall wellbeing.

It’s also important to find the right reward; there are many different ways you can positively reinforce your dog such as, food, fun & play, praise, touch, affection, eye contact, facial expressions, the ability to sniff, to interact with the environment and whatever your dog loves to do. It can take a little experimentation to learn what best motivates your dog!

Why do we recommend positive reward based training?

Positive reward based training has been scientifically proven the best way for dogs to learn. In addition, dog owners who use positive based training report better results, and fewer behaviour problems in their pets.

Another benefit to positive reinforcement is that using rewards in training is fun, kind and helps to build an amazing bond with your dog - which in turn is hugely rewarding for any dog owner.

Positive reward based training allows your dog to offer choice-based behaviours, helps to build your dog's confidence and initiative to think freely for themselves.

Positive reward based dog training school in Enfield

When you’re choosing a dog trainer, be sure to do a little research. It’s worth making sure they use positive reinforcement training techniques, so take some time to read their local reviews, and get in touch with any questions.

If you’ve been considering signing up to dog training classes in North London, then look no further than our very own Happy Dogs Training School in Enfield!

All of our trainers regularly update their knowledge to make sure they have the most up to date ethical and scientific based information, to be able to help you and your dog through the use of positive and kind reward based training.


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