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Our Life Skills Courses

Life Skills Puppy
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This comprehensive Puppy course will lay the foundations and guide you through your puppies crucial learning and development stages.

Life Skills Teenager

This course has been designed for those dogs who having completed puppy training are struggling with making the correct choices during their difficult adolescence stage.

We will cover all aspects of adolescence behaviour and the challenges they may present. This course is designed for dogs aged 6 to 18 months of age.

Life Skills Beginners
Image by Ralu Gal

This course is an entry point for dogs who are over 6 months old and new to Happy Dogs. We cover all the basics and is the foundation to move onto more advanced training courses should you wish to do so.

Life Skills Intermediate

Our Life Skills Intermediate course is a follow on course from the Life Skills Teenager and Life Skills Beginners courses. 

Taking the next step with more advanced techniques such as boundary games, food manners, orientation/proximity skills, free walking plus a refresh on the basics.

Life Skills Advanced

Our Life Skills Advanced course is a follow on course from the Life Skills Intermediate course and furthers your dog’s Life Skills. 

Life Skills Expert
Dog Outdoors

Our Life Skills Expert

Our Life Skills Courses

Our Life Skills courses will guide you through your dog’s different development stages. Each Life skills course is carefully tailored to guide and support you and your dog through the challenges you may face at these crucial stages in their learning and development, from puppy right through to a confident adult. 

For our obedience classes we will now be running our Life Skills Courses 


These will be in stages 

Life Skills Beginners, Life Skills Intermediate and Life Skills Advanced!


These 3 courses will loosely follow the Kennel Club Bronze, Silver and Gold schemes, although these courses will include many more life skills that our dogs require to succeed in our world! 



Fantastic puppy classes, I cannot recommended highly enough. So informative, well planned and enjoyable. We will be signing up to more classes as soon as we can. Thank you Emma and team!

Anna, via Google Reviews


Very caring, friendly, patient & knowledgeable staff. Answered all our questions, gave some good ideas to help with individual queries & situations. Lovely people. We'd recommend them & so would our puppy!

Martin, via Google Reviews

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